How Walking In The Sky Helps Children In Need

Children are our future and it is very sad that so many of them live in poverty and dire circumstances. I would quote statistics but most of us already know how drastic the stats are. There is a definite urgent need to share our good fortune.

When I wrote this book I knew I wanted to do more than just tell a story. I decided that when the book sold and children enjoyed the story I would take 10% of the profits and give back to the children of the world.

I also decided that I wanted children to be involved with this giving back as well.

Eery year there will be a draw and two lucky members of Merlin’s Sky Dwelling Clan will get a chance to give part of the donations to the Registered Children’s Charity of their choice.

You can become a member of Merlin’s Sky Dwelling Clan by sharing your story of what it was like for you to walk in the sky.