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These are delightful stories about a little girl and little boy who are lonely and don’t feel like they belong. Each one is taken on a magical journey where they meet 2 new friends and find a sense of belonging to something bigger than they could ever have imagined. It is the author’s wish that the reader will as well. Pepe’s story is in both Spanish and English.

Walking In The Sky Polly's Adventure

Walking In The Sky: Polly's Adventure

Walking In The Sky Pepe's Adventure

Walking In The Sky: Pepe's Adventure

About The Author

Paulette Tomasson

Paulette Tomasson is a Registered Nurse and Psychotherapist who lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada close to the beach and the mountains.

This is Paulette’s first venture into writing for children. She hopes Polly’s story helps every child, who has ever felt lonely or that they didn’t belong, realize they are part of something amazing, magical and much larger than themselves.



It was an awesome book and the best part was the certificate!
— Lyla, age 6
‘Walking in The Sky’ is such a magical, exciting and visually nurturing children’s book. The illustrations are visual delights. The message is ageless, and timeless. It is about a little girl’s journey, as she discovers the joy and excitement of belonging. The author skillfully and beautifully navigates the path to satisfying connection with oneself and one’s world. ‘Walking In The Sky’ is a beautiful children’s book for all ages. It is a must experience. ‘Walking In The Sky’ invites the reader to open the lovely book a thousand times. At the end of the story, there are creative, self-reflectiong questions on what connections means to the reader or listener. Enjoy the adventure of belonging and connection.
— Suzanne Kyra

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10% of profits from the book will be donated to registered children's charities.

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